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Green Machine 303 believes that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service. In our commitment to service we proudly provide high quality metal and plastic machined products as well as CNC machine services; including repair, troubleshooting, cleaning, tooling, programming and prototyping.

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Green Machine 303 brings 20 years of CNC lathe and mill machining, inspection, programming and repair experience to help with your next machining project. Projects of every level can be completed up to nine axis using various types of machinable metals and plastics.

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Customized estimates are created based on quantity, due date, programming, tolerances, material, machine time, tooling, inspection, finishing and logistics.

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Our services go beyond programming and production. Let Green Machine 303 come to you and unpack your new machine, clean your old machine, or troubleshoot software and hardware issues.


CNC Programming is done using computer software, core trigonometric principles solved by hand, and intimate knowledge of G-Code. The goal is to create programs that are comprehensive, efficient, and user friendly for easy handoff and legacy use.

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Green Machine 303 is a sole proprietorship operated by Michael Green. Since 2004, Michael has been proud to be a part of the United States' rich manufacturing history. He is proud to have learned from great machinists of the past generation, and also takes pride in his continued education in new techniques and processes as they emerge. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Michael with any questions regarding CNC machining. 
Thank you for visiting.

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